Quantum Limitation Leap

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Quiet time this morning illustrated the truth of the infinite possibility theory. The players? The meditation tree and the moth. Yesterday I questioned why I should ever entertain limiting thoughts about how many amazing and beautiful hearts might show up in the world. Let’s just take “hearts showing up” as a metaphor for living in the infinite possibility of now, living in a world of constant, live-stream miracles – divine grace, synchronicities, flow, play, joy, love, amazement, adventure, whatever you want to call it. Living the miracle that is Us/Creation/God instead of the illusion of this merry-go-round.  So, another one of those limiting thoughts (though it did come with a, “Well, I will just have to wait and see!) went like this: “I guess I won’t be seeing hearts in the meditation tree for a while now that all of the leaves are gone.” The answer to that thought came in a surprise appearance by… the moth! From my seated vantage point it looked like a heart nesting in the branches. There it stayed, in full support of the truth of how open-ended being opens the world to us.  No leaves to make hearts? No problem! No “normal” way to construct your miracle? No worries! I recently read, “If you don’t get the miracle you ask for, become it.” (Trinity Bourne, openhandweb.org) So sweet! And true. And yes, let’s keep going! More miracles. More amazement. The only thing limiting us is our cognitive brain, that pesky little filter of infinite knowing. Once we put it in the back seat, we’re signed up for the ride of our lives. Or, we can choose to skip the ride altogether and stay in the limitation box. It’s always up to us. Isn’t that amazing? Where shall we go? 🙂